Are You All In?

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Are You All In?

As a big sports fan, I am full of sports analogies! Sometimes, they’re received by glazed looks from my team members but the analogies get the point across. So, in the same vein, I have a sports analogy.

If you are on a basketball team and the captain of your team shows up late to practice, doesn’t always wear the team colors and can be distant with the rest of the group, what would you think? Would that teammate be a good captain? Would you think that the player is engaged and ready to go or would you say the player wasn’t fully committed to the game or team? Most people would say the latter, and they would be right. I would say the player isn’t all in.

In business, you have a team, a logo and a work week. If you do not think employees look to you for guidance and for you to lead by example, you are wrong. If the owner of the business isn’t all in, then that subconsciously gives employees a break. As the leader, you need to lead by example, come in early and stay late, wear the brand on your sleeve literally, and build a great team environment. There should be absolutely no question if you are all in with YOUR business.

The role of an owner is simple, not easy . . . drive revenue and build a high performing team. To help do that, be all in with your business. Lead by example and outwork your own employees.

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