Getting Away

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I just got back from an awesome family vacation in Colorado. It was odd with all the Covid-19 protocols, but it was a great time with family and the outdoors. Getting away is so important, especially in times like these. By yourself, with your significant other, a friend, family, whoever it is good to get away and clear your mind for a couple days if not weeks. It is important for your family relationships, your spousal relationship, but most important your mental health. It helps you look at things from a different perspective. I recommend traveling away from your city, state or country to really get a different perspective. If that is not possible now, just driving to another city is worth it. When you travel, things tend to slow down, and you can start to reminisce on the good things and the most important things always rise to the time. From this week away, I have a clear understanding of what my 2nd half of the year will be like. I have a plan to attack it and be successful. If I didn’t take the time? I would still be on the hamster wheel and my day would be dictated by the fires that come up. I highly recommend getting away and putting it into your schedule quarterly.

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