Ban Billionaires?

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I would argue that the wealth gap is one of our biggest culture issue facing our country this coming century. The gap between the haves and have nots are rising, and the middle class is not as vibrant as it used to be. People are looking at this issue an immediately pointing the fingers at the rich. They must have done something illegal to gather so much wealth people might quip. The bigger issue is that most of them have not. I am a capitalist, always will be. I am this way because no other system on earth has been able to raise more people out of poverty and most fairly gives opportunity to all its citizens. This is where the “billionaire problem” arises. Being a billionaire is not wrong, it is a goal of many and there is nothing wrong in that. The problem are the people that oversee the rules, our government. Too many loopholes, credits and more that push away competition rather than encourage it. We need more competition and not less. We need more innovation, not subsidized older models. Government is prepping up the wealthy and protecting it against entrepreneurship and change, the very thing that drives capitalism to its success. We shouldn’t be quick to point at the system or the players for change, rather look at the men and women who have changed the rules to make it a system of bribery and influence, not the fair market. We are citizens need to demand more government removal from picking winners and losers. Let the market decide, which in turn means we decide!


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