Miami Heat Playoff Chances in the Bubble

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The NBA playoffs are now upon us as we start the amazing journey of crowning an NBA champion in a pandemic world. What a couple of weeks it has been! Filled with story and intrigue, I am curious if the NBA thought they would be this successful. My team, the Miami Heat have about as good a chance as any team to get out of the eastern conference. They are tough, smart, and young (not to mention well coached). It shocks me the Jimmy Butler has played for as many teams as he has. It really proves the negative mindset that many have towards the NBA, that most teams really do not care. Jimmy is a leader and it is hard not to like his competitiveness and drive. He is also a great teammate and is really helping the young Tyler hero make that next step. The pacers are the first-round opponent and I see a 5-game series with the heat winning. They need to make this series short as they have the Bucks next!

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