Respect in a time Where Disrespect is cool

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In a world where social media “clap backs” and a rush to diss someone who said something unpopular, being respectful is unusual. Being respectful is almost unheard of nowadays. The world around us looks at it as being passive, not caring or even worse out of touch. We need to put aside the desire to be right and elevate the desire to do right. We need to stop worrying about what others think and start worrying about what the future might think. We need to stop putting our faith in institutions run my people who can change and start putting our faith in values that never change. We need leaders today and we need leaders for tomorrow, and true leaders can lead with truth and respect not diversions and fear. In 2020, I really long for a day where someone, not only one but many people, can stand up and call out their own side, their own bias, their own blind spots. Putting someone else down to raise your profile or cause is wrong. It is not business or “Just how it is”. Its wrong. Let us have the next group rise and really call out the disrespect.

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