Pay it Forward with Mentoring

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Pay it Forward with Mentoring

I have mentioned in previous blogs about the importance of finding a mentor for yourself. This is very important as you can always grow from someone mentoring you. But, today, I want to encourage you to pay it forward and find someone to mentor. You will learn just as much about yourself and your business mentoring someone as you would getting mentored in many cases.

Find someone in your local networking group who is looking for someone to mentor them. Go to a local college or university and ask if there is a formal mentoring program for students. If you live near your alma mater, that may be a great option. Honestly, you can even announce online (i.e., social media) that you are looking for someone to mentor and I’m confident that someone in your circle will know of someone that will reach out to you! More people crave mentorship than you may realize.

This is a fantastic way to pay it forward in the world you live in; find an up and comer in your industry and pour into them. When you find someone to mentor there are really just three steps to keep in mind to create a positive mentoring experience:

  1. Set a recurring call or meeting – Make it weekly or monthly at the same place or time. Typically, outside of the office is best.
  2. Start with the end in mind – Ask your mentee what they want out of the sessions and set an end date. I would recommend 6 months or 12 months, then reassess after the time period.
  3. Listen more than you speak – Let your mentee tell you what they want to get out of it and direct them on how to do it. Set weekly goals to accomplish and bring back to the next meeting. Always encourage your mentee to make it happen!

Mentorship offers an unknown opportunity for growth and learning on the part of the mentee as well as the mentor. Give it a try, pay it forward. I look forward to hearing about your experiences as a mentor.

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