What’s Good One Year, May Not Be Good Another Year

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What’s Good One Year, May Not Be Good Another Year

I am an avid NFL football fan; I have been watching since I was small and would consider myself pretty well versed in the history and statistical portion of the game. Kurt Warner was a phenomenal football player, especially the 1999-2000 season where he won MVP of the league and the Super Bowl. He ran one of the greatest offenses in NFL history; his completion percentage was well over 65%, over 4,000 yards passing, and over 30 touchdowns thrown.

Fast forward to 2018, he would rank below the top 15 quarterbacks in the league. How is that possible? How could one of the best quarterbacks of all time stack up so poorly against everyone else less than 20 years later? There are a number of factors but the biggest one is the league has changed and the standard has changed.

In business, that happens all the time. There are many businesses that outgrow employees or employees that outgrow a company’s growth. The goal post is constantly moving. Are you on top of the changes? Do your employees know in their reviews that what was good in 2018 may not be enough in 2019? How can you make sure that your staff is ready for the growth in 2019?

Keep pushing your team because what was a standard or the ceiling, may now be the floor in 2019. Create a culture of constant improvement in your business today.

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