The Power of Branding

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The Power of Branding

Branding is something a lot of people don’t fully value. That can be understandable as it’s an intangible thing.

But, I would argue it’s the most valuable thing in your business that can drive marketing, sales and eventually the sale of your business.

What are you doing to make your brand strong?

When I think of what a strong brand is, my definition includes two factors:

  1. You recognize the logo or name immediately.
  2. The brand brings forth an emotion inside of you.

When I look at the Nike swoosh, for example, I think “that’s Nike” and I feel like an athlete (even though I’m not). That is a strong brand, one of the strongest on Earth. There’s no doubt who they are and what they do.

How does branding influence a franchise?

Franchising is all about branding – how we can help drive the brand for our franchise owners and how they further drive the brand in their local market.

For this reason, franchises consistently have higher resale values than their “mom and pop” counterparts. People are drawn to brands over the “mom and pop” business because of the perceived value.

How can I grow my brand?

Some easy ways that you can help grow your brand are, regardless of industry, include:

  • Prominent sign on your business and graphics in your window and throughout your location
  • Wrapped car with your logo
  • Brand shirts and polos worn by all employees
  • Promotional products printed with your branding (name, logo, colors, etc.)
  • Active social media pages with relevant and informative content

Branding is important.

What are you doing to drive it?

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