Moderation and Compromise: The lost arts

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In our hyper polarized worlds, it has become common place to be considered a ‘sell out” if you compromise or speak up in disagreement with your “team”. From politics to sports, businesses and staff, everyone has to stand strong for what they believe in and is almost looked down on if they even want to discuss a compromise with the other side. What happened here? Why is it a bad thing to compromise and come to an agreement? Why is it a bad thing to take a moderate position or a pragmatic position? This is something that used to be praised. We need to learn to keep that and encourage that, not demonize it. Some of our greatest accomplishments as a society have been because of compromise. Disagreement is a good thing; it brings up things each party did not think about or value. It is important to debate and come to a compromised agreement. In a perfect world, each side got something they wanted and agreed to something they didn’t want to happen. We need compromise, we need moderation and we need open discussion more than ever in 2020. It is what will help solve our many issues.

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